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Photo By: Aria Studios
Photo By: Christie Pham
Photo By: Megan Suzuki
Photo By: John Hook
Photo By: L-4-Love
Photo By: Christie Pham


          At L-4-Love, we believe that "it's all about the details".  We know that each detail is meaningful!  Whether that pertains to the napkin fold you choose for your menus to be tucked into or where your parents' leis should be delivered based on when and where you plan to pass them out.  We know that the detail of when you should open your welcome table matters, and that the detail of wanting sunset photos could play a role on what time your ceremony should begin.  

          Everything has a reason behind it and careful planning helps to provide a stress-free day for you as a bride and groom.  We believe in teamwork; we know that it takes a village and will always embody that mentality first and foremost.  Treating each wedding as if it were our own, and each client with love and care, we know this very special day happens just once in a lifetime and we hope to create an everlasting happy memory to last your entire life.

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