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This service is designed for those couples that have the time to do their own research, planning and designing of their wedding on their own, but want to relax and feel stress free on the days leading up to and on their wedding day.   They’ll be able to hand off their wedding in the final stages to a professional as they prepare for the fun events to take place. Handing it off at this time will help to ensure that someone else is there to check over things you may have missed, lend an extra hand and share their expertise with you.  This ensures you will really be able to enjoy the day and the days leading up to your wedding.  This service is offered 1 month prior to your wedding (but I do suggest booking much further in advance to secure your date).

  •  Takes over as point of contact for all vendors from start of service

  •  Confirms final details with secured vendors from start of service

  •  One consultation meeting with client prior to wedding

  •  Unlimited communication within the 1 month period and up to 2 hours of calls or in person meetings

  •  Overview of the work you’ve done, to see if there’s anything you might have missed

  •  Templates and checklist provided to make sure nothing is forgotten

  •  Assistance with development of wedding day timeline, including formal reception program (this can be done before the 1 month mark)

  •  Sends timeline and confirms receipt with all vendors, including following up on details and arrival time on the day of the wedding

  •  Supervise ceremony rehearsal (up to 2 hours)

  •  On-site coordination on day of wedding (up to 10 hours)

  •  Dress tables according to specifications of bride & groom

  •  Oversee entire set-up

  •  Assist with set up as needed

  •  Direct bride, groom and vendors in accordance with wedding day timeline

  •  Direct processional

  •  Confirm seating arrangements at reception site

  •  Deliver all payments and gratuities to all wedding vendors for you

Month Of Wedding

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